Share your AltSpace VR username, list will be updated.

Been playing around with the Quest 2 and doing some experimenting. The first night I found Inertia and chatted with him for a while.

Tonight I jumped in for a few minutes and hung out with Gandalf.

If you have a VR headset (even if you don't, you can download AltSpace VR and use in 2D mode) hop on and check it out. Add some friends.

If you are in AltSpace VR, put your username in the comments so we can start adding friends. AltSpace VR is the platform being used for HiveFest.

There is no way to search for people, so you need to know the exact name.

So far I know of the following users:

@fbslo - fbslo_hive
@gandalf - gandalf_the_grey
@inertia - inertia186
@crimsonclad - crimsonclad
@roelandp - roelandp
@louis88 - louis1988
@richardfyates = richardfyates
@schlafhacking - schlafhacking
@santigs - santigs20
@elianaicgomes - elianaicgomes
@jarvie - thejarvie
@steevc = steevchive
@themarkymark - themarkymark
@yabapmatt - yabapmatt
@onthewayout - onthewayout
@azircon - jazzircon
@theycallmedan - theycallmedan
@starkerz - starkerz
@arcange - thearcange
@blocktrades - dnotestein
@detlev - detlevart
@jeffjagoe - jeffjagoe
@klye - klyehive
@m31 - andromeda_m31
@pharesim - pharesim
@raymondspeaks - raymondspeaks
@rollie1212 - rollie1212
@seckorama - seckorama
@soyrosa - soyrosa_
@shmoogleosukami - shmoogleosukami
@therealwolf - therealwolf
@logic - genderpunk
@hivetrending - hivetrending
@enforcer48 - enforcer48
@carlagonz - carlagonz
@sjarvie5 - sjarvie5
@asgarth - asgarth_
@uwelang - uwelangde
@bil.prag - bil_prag
@hiveqa - therealhiveqa
@taskmaster4450 - taskmaster4450
@emrebeyler - emrebeyler
@mattclarke - mattclarke
@galenkp - cleomerlin
@traciyork - traciyork
@wwwiebe - wwwiebe

As users comment, I will update this list so it can be used as reference as we prepare for HiveFest on December 18th. Have you registered? It's free and you can participate without VR.

I'd like to get enough people together to have a Hive Cards against Humanity game sometime this week.

You can download AltSpace VR directly on the Oculus Quest 2, Valve's Steam (STEEM), Windows Store, and even for MacOS.

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