HiveFest Day 1! Let's have a fun!

Good day!


Do you know what that picture means?


Today is the first day of HiveFest. It has started at midnight, I mean it is midnight here.

It is the first time I participate in HiveFest. I planned to join it when it was in Bangkok last time, but I had a lot of work, so I had to cancel that trip.

Fortunately, this year HiveFest is online. And it has its' pros and cons of course.


So, all of us meet in the AltspaceVR. I have never used that program before, but it seems it is full of fun. I BIG THANKS to everyone who organized that event! It is really amazing!


Many great people participate in the event. If you checked the Fest program, you probably saw that there will be presentations by witnesses and very talented people.

I was exploring the program, and even took a selfie :)


One of the most important things is to get your badge! And of course, I did it!


I was exploring the area... Checking what is what...


People were talking here and there... And it is great!

I am going to sleep now, cuz tomorrow I have a very active day... But if you didn't join the event yet, you should do it now! Follow @hivefest for the latest news, and to check the HiveFest program!

Thanks a lot!

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