Are you going to HiveFest 2021? Let's play "Can you find Forky?"

This one is going to be super fun!

Right... you know @forkyishere is going to hivefest right? Are you going as well? Let me know bellow and if you have any questions, please add them in.


VR is evolving, but I still dislike Facebook

I have decided to give it a go on Oculus Quest 2. I currently own the version 1 for more than a year and from all the people I have talked with, they all seem very impressed with the second version. Since its an heavy asset used at home, owning two will improve the playground activity.

On top of this, is the fact that I am giving money to Facebook and this deeply troubles me. It's a company built on hype and false public objectives to control their strategic agenda. I know this is mostly any private company, but they explore this at the highest potential.

The little problem is, these are quite expensive... and under the circumstances if it wasn't for HIVE, it would be forbidden at home. But I gave the excuse that this was being "kind of" supported by all of you guys 🤣, thank you all so much! 😍😋

Now seriously, I would not be bothering doing this if it wasn't to give back something or enhance the experience of some (by motivating my own ego on giving more). I will be doing a post about comparing the Oculus 1 vs 2 and hopefully that will help others making their decision.

By all means, if you know another VR set that is better/cheaper than this one and can run through the @hivefest event, drop it down please.

So! 😎

The aim on this @hivefest event is very simple. If you see @forkyishere, take a picture where both your avatar and him are visible in the photo (with or without his authorization LOL) and then post about it within the week after the event, and tag @forkyishere and use #foundforky hashtag (if you can).

I will then review those posts and curate them, one by one. Should I mention all the other tokens I serve on =)

In addition, some will be featured on Twitter by @forkyishere. Those posts will be selected and will be targeted on, depending on the situation at the time. Make it good, and your chances increase greatly! I usually don't like to waste people time.


Have fun, good luck on all the gaming, and lots of teaching "how to play" to new players.

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