Around the Hive: Reflections


It's been a busy year so far for developers on Hive. Layer 2 solutions are in progress, key optimization is an ongoing priority, and many excellent dapps and services are being developed.


A Clear and Consistent Vision

Last year we came out with the Technical Vision for Hive. Some of the key points are:

  • Lowering the operating cost of nodes and baseline infrastructure to promote robust scaling.
  • Focus on ease of integration and ease of new development.
  • Second layer solutions to support custom functions such as smart contracts, fungible and non-fungible tokens, and interactive social applications.
  • Standardized microservices to support easy integration of new 2nd layer applications into the Hive ecosystem.
  • Full utilization of and emphasis on the promotion of Open Source developed and incorporated solutions.

This document still stands and outlines our mutual journey towards testing the limits of DPoS technology while innovating new solutions.


Scalable Enterprise-level Solutions

For this year, 'scalability' is the term to remember. With ongoing optimization of our underlying technology by the @Blocktrades team, @Howo and many other talented developers, Hive is rapidly reaching its potential as an enterprise-level blockchain.

Different developers and development teams on Hive are exploring and building a selection of unique Layer 2 solutions. There are several complimentary and competing approaches under review and consideration. We are excited about all the possibilities ahead of us.


The Strength of Hive

Over the last few months we've seen a troubling trend among mainstream social media platforms engaging in censorship of users and manipulation of public opinion. This has become a very concerning global norm. We are therefore proud to, as a diverse ecosystem, provide an immutable blockchain for content storage and thus support the freedoms of speech and of information to all.

The strength of Hive lies in our decentralization. In a centralized system, the user is the customer or the product. In decentralized Hive, the user is the owner. Any individual enjoys the absolute freedom of contribution to Hive; you can build a dapp, you can start a community, you can nurture a blog, you can curate others, you can test core algorithm changes, you can work on a portal, etc. And you can do one or all of those in your own way, in whatever language you speak, from wherever on the planet you call home, championing your own creativity and uniqueness. The possibilities are endless!

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