How to be Creative in HIVE? And Why? | Also Announcement Inside: Five Winners of 5 Hive!

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Above anything else, Hive is a platform where members contribute useful and creative contents to share to others. To ensure that the platform is not saturated with irrelevant content such as those filling most social media sites, Hive provides avenues to curate every content by providing earning opportunities in upvoting, rewarding, and curating contents.

At bottom, Hive’s value is reducible into these two—creative content and the earning opportunities that come with it. Between the two, what ensures success in Hive is of course the CREATIVE CONTENTS that drive presence and earning in the platform.

For today’s entry, allow me to share my two cents worth about how to truly build a lasting CREATIVE PRESENCE in Hive:

FOCUS on 1 (one) or 2 (two) GENERAL THEMES to write about.
While it is perfectly fine to write about anything and everything under the sun, developing a personal niche in your content will benefit you more as a content creator. This will allow you to focus on certain activities and improve on them as you write about them. Example, you may want to build a LIFESTYLE blog in HIVE which can cover travels, food, and COSMO-like features about everyday life.

Let me highlight my Hive blog page, powered by or previously called @engave to publish my travel and food blogs, this way I have a different landing page specific for those niches. I believe this kind of connected themes will help me think of relevant activities to write about and improve on instead of just spraying and praying around willy nilly. While my website is still in process of organizing all my previous blogs like placing the blogs in the right category, (because I accidentally imported all the old posts I had since day one on this blockchain, lol) this will really help me build a personal and unique presence in Hive as an expert on a particular topic, which could make me a possible resource for other writers.


While most blog entries are expectedly in written form, Hive does not provide limits into what form of expression you should input your content. Short Videos, Vlogs, Podcasts, Graphics, and animation are today's more effective ways of relaying messages, which is why it is important that you apply one or two of these forms as alternatives to your written blogs. While these types of contents are expectedly more time and skill intensive, it will however surely pay better as animated contents would guarantee more engagements.

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As a member of a platform that thrives on creative content, it is important that you start developing creative skills to further enhance your content. Be it writing, photography, editing and layouting, video production, and even music production. These creative skills which can easily be learned from patiently watching tutorial videos, constantly using photo editing software or online editing website like Canva will be important in improving your content.

On the plus side, once you become an expert on these skills, these can also be good sources of additional freelance income as there are innumerable freelance opportunities for creatives making and management today.

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After investing effort and skills in developing a creative skill and building a creative presence, the next thing to do is to engage with people with similar interests and persuasions. This is where earning comes in, by connecting with other fellow creatives and building a lasting bond with them. Upvote creative posts, learn from other creatives, ask them to coffee for a quick chit chat, and build useful bonds with them. This will not only improve your personal value but will also make sure that Hive thrives as a platform that encourages talent and collaboration.

The earning possibilities of creative talents today are almost unparalleled. Graphic designers, video and music producers, as well as creative writers are now earning much from freelance work offered by various companies. Hive provides a platform where even the ordinary housewife and student could earn as much by being creative. The tips above are just a few basic guideposts on how to start and thrive a lasting creative presence on Hive.

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Announcement! Five Winners of Five Hive!

Let's review how get eligble for the Actifit Comment Contest:

How to join the Contest:
Share a link and a screenshot of your best/highest steps Actifit Report for the month of August in the comment section.

You have each week of the month, you can submit one entry of your best or highest @actifit report. Which means you can submit four (4) entries. The more entry you submits in the comment the higher the chance of winning.


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Congratulations, @asasiklause, @itinerantph, @eeventuree,@patsitivity, & @sassycebuana! All five participants will get 5 Hive each!

Thank you so much for participating and stay tuned for more easy and fun contests (wink)!


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