Hivecommerce Token White Paper



Name: Hivecommerce Token
Ticker: COM
Max Supply: 20 Million Tokens, 20000000.000
Decimal places: 3
Starting Circulating Supply: 0
Tokens to be issued per day: 1200.000
Block Explorer:
Hive Engine Market:
LeoDex Market:
Issuing account: @hivecommerce
Account key holder: @thelogicaldude
Issuance begins via token mining: Feb 1, 2021
Time till fully issued: Approx 45.5 years


Hivecommerce Token, ticker symbol COM, is a token created on top of the the second layer Hive Engine system,, with the intent on being an income generating token that will pay out daily rewards in various entrepreneurial community tokens. COM token can also be used as a currency token for commerce related transactions.

The Hivecommerce Token (COM) was created by the @hivecommerce account(, with keys being held by @thelogicaldude. COM has no premine, presale, or airdropped amount. Issuance starts at 0 and can only be mined by staking 3 specific tokens.

One solution that the Hivecommerce Token brings is to help revive and give use case to the HiveHustlers token system, the Hustler Miner (HUSTLERM) and the Hustler Dollar (HUSTLER). These tokens will be used along with the Hivelist token (LIST) to issue, or mine, the tokens into existence. Another solution is that it gives users a way to invest in multiple communities at once and receive rewards for holding these tokens.


Mining will begin in Phase 1, then reward payout system will begin in Phase 2. Later phases will be to add additional tokens to the COM rewards payout pool. Rewards system is based on rewards earned by the @hivehustlers account and a portion of the rewards will be paid from the @hivehustlers account on a daily basis. - Updated 1/28/01

Phase 2 will begin with payouts in DCity Token (SIM) and Click Track Profit Token (CTP) as they are the first investments being built. Later phases will include payouts in LEO and other tokens that we add to the HiveHustlers ecosystem for investment and curation purposes. Payout amounts will amount to approximately 30% of the earnings from the @hivehustlers account. Tokens will be added as stake and earning build to an amount that can be paid out daily.

Until Phase 2 begins, all daily rewards for all tokens will be reinvested into purchasing CTPM miners or increasing the DCITY build. Any Hive rewards generated by posts and curation, will be powered up into Hive Power and then delegated to the @leo.voter account to get paid out daily in LEO tokens to increase that stake and payout structure.

-UPDATE 1/28/01-Staking of the COM token will be required to earn the daily payouts starting in Phase 2. - Updated because smart contract requires staking. Staking functionality will be available near the Phase 2 launch.

Phase 2 for Hivecommerce token to begin early quarter 2, 2021, giving time to build stake and rewards pools for payouts as well as give some time for the first batches of COM tokens to be mined.


Phase 1 release will see the start of the COM token mining and will begin on Feb 1, 2021. Staking any of the 3 mining tokens is required to mine COM token. All COM tokens issued are fresh minted tokens. Until Feb 1, 2021, the HUSTLERM token will continue to mine HUSTLER Dollars at a rate of 300 tokens issued per day. On the day that mining starts, the HUSTLERM and HUSTLER tokens will be pointed to mine COM.

Rewards pool size per mining token:

HUSTLERM: 600 COM per day to be issued

HUSTLER: 400 COM per day to be issued

LIST: 200 COM per day to be issued

Rewards pool sizes are based on current circulating supply of the miner tokens. The smaller the circulating supply of the mining token, the larger the rewards pool.

Issuance is distributed via stake weighted distribution. The more tokens you have staked in your wallet will determine the percentage of the rewards pool you will receive. You can hold any of the tokens to mine, or a combination of all 3.

Purchase HUSTER Miner (HUSTLERM) on the Hive Engine exchange or LeoDex:

Purchase HUSTLER Dollars (HUSTLER) on the Hive Engine exchange or LeoDex:

Purchase Hivelist Token (LIST) on the Hive Engine exchange or LeoDex:


HUSTLERM Miner can only be purchased on the exchanges.

HUSTLER Dollars can be earned by delegating Hive Power to the @hivehustlers account starting Feb 1, 2021 when mining goes live.

Hivelist Token (LIST) can be earned in multiple ways. First, by being active and engaging with the Hivelist Classifieds community at Next it can be earned through simply staking the LIST token.


With Hivecommerce becoming a growing trend, the purpose is to bring together all of the different entrepreneurial communities under one uniting banner. Those main communities being:

  • @HiveHustlers (HUSTLER) - a community for entrepreneurs by created entrepreneurs
  • @Hivelist (LIST) - classifieds, advertising, and ecommerce
  • @ClickTrackProfit (CTP) - email list building and affilate marketing
  • @LeoFinance (LEO) - investing, trading, and other finance talk
  • (SIM) - Although it is considered a game, it has become and investment business for many and is one of the best income generators on the Hive blockchain.
  • @NFTShowroom - NFT art creation and marketplace

More tokens and communities will be added in time as the ecosystem begins to grow and thrive.


Hivecommerce token system consists of 6 different javascript/node.js Hive Engine smart contracts originally build by @rishi556 and modified and customized for use with the COM token by @thelogicaldude.

These @Hive-Engine smart contracts are hosted and ran on a Linode virtual private server that is owned and ran by @thelogicaldude.


Click Track Profit:
HiveHustlers: (COMING SOON)
Hive Engine Exchange:
LeoDex Exchange:
Hivecommerce Token Page:

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