Hivecommerce Token - COM- Phase 2 Begins!


Hivecommerce Token, COM, phase 2 has begun! Well not without a couple of hiccups, lol. But isn't that how it is, lol.

So as of today, for staking COM tokens, you will receive a small daily payout in SIM, CTP, LIST, and WEED tokens.

What happened this morning, and of course they are set to fire on UTC time at times that I am usually sleeping, was that the LIST and WEED payouts went as expected without problems. The only issue with those is the token precisions were set to 6, which both of those tokens have 8 decimal places, so that change was made. Also, the precision of the SIM and CTP tokens were incorrect which caused them to not get paid out on the blockchain. The server logs stated that they paid out, but because of the incorrect precision, set to 6, but needed to be set to 3, the actual payouts didn't happen.

You would have thought that this would have been something I would have checked after the last issues, but hey, nobody is perfect, lol. The issues have been resolved though and tomorrow's payout should go off without issue! Of course we will be monitoring everything to make sure this time. But I have checked and rechecked at this point, and the settings for the tokens are correct now. Just one oversight can mess it all up, lol. But such is life I suppose, glad you guys are pretty forgiving, lol, but hey I am giving away money, so... folks can chill, lol. So, no April fools, just a mess up on my part, lol.

Anyway, we are excited for this phase. Now that things are being built up more, we can get to more focus on curation and content to build more stake so that we can build these payouts more! It's all a process! But happy to say that all business debts for @hivehustlers and @hivelist have been cleared and now it is nothing but building from here!

Keep Calm and Hustle on!




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