HiveChat September Calendar of Twitter Hosts

Sept. 1: @hivetrending 15:00 GMT
Sept. 8: @stellabelle 12:00 GMT
Sept. 15: @hiro-hive 12:00 GMT
Sept. 22: @jongolson 12:00 GMT
Sept. 29: @bitcoindood On Hive: @the-bitcoin-dood 4 PM EST USA

Be advised that we try to make all #hiveChats at 12 GMT, but this next #HiveChat will be at 15:00 GMT to accomodate all the West Coast USA people, some of whom have complained that it's too early at 12 GMT. Ultimately, each host gets to decide when to host their #HiveChat, as we need some flexibility to accomodate the entire world. LOL.

If you're on Twitter, you probably have participated in a weekly HiveChat, and we are getting more popular each week.

If you're new to HiveChat, here's a basic rundown:

HiveChat is a Twitter chat that is a weekly event. A Twitter chat is an event that takes place on Twitter and serves to open up the communication of a particular organization, company or brand.

Each week, a different Hive community member hosts a HiveChat on Twitter. The host creates 5 questions in advance then I create the graphic cards. Each question lasts ten minutes. People on Twitter who join in the #HiveChat reply to each question and use the hashtag #HiveChat in their responses.

What's the point?

The main goal of #HiveChat is to create a friendly environment for newcomers to Hive. The #HiveChat hashtag trending on Twitter is a secondary and residual effect of us having fun discussing and sharing our experiences in a public setting (Twitter). @jeanlucsr created the very first HiveChat over a month and a half ago, and we have been doing it ever since. I'm now organizing the hosts, so if you want to host one, send me a DM on Twitter. (@hivepeople)

#HiveChat is a fun way to invite new people into our community. It's also a low stress event, and a way for us to share new ideas while getting some additional media exposure too.

One Tip For Hosts:

When you host your first #HiveChat, give your Twitter followers a warning like:

Warning: #HiveChat is about to start so that means a high volume of #Hive related tweets will occur. Regular tweeting will resume after one hour. Thanks...

Ok, my eyes are hurting, so i have to get off the computer. I just finished making the graphic cards for @hivetrending, so we are all set for the next #HiveChat on Tuesday!

The #HiveChat concept was so popular that the Espanol community has started its own on Thursdays. Follow the @hivelatino account on twitter to participate in that: https://twitter.com/hivelatino

Read this #HiveChat newbie guide by @hivelift: @hivelift/hivechat-a-simple-how-to-for-first-timers


I will announce the winning video in the next few days. Remember, the entire month of September is the #JOINHIVE campaign!

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