Meet Rescue #3 - Bassy Boy

Say Hello to Bassy Boy!

Sebastian the Kitten was not planned at all. That Big Boy was all on my hooomans. I did not have anything to do with it. Bassy Boy is what they call him...

Bassy Boy.bmp

He almost ended up with the goofy name "Ewok.!!"

You have to admit, as a kitten he looked a little bit like the teddy bear Ewoks from the Star Wars movies.

Sebastian Bassy Boy (2) 4-23-2014.jpg


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He is probably related to me in some distant way. He may be a much later sibling or distant cousin to me, I am Sammi Jo the KrazzyTrukkers Kitty, the original @krazzy-kitty Let me try to explain this.

The Neighbors from Hell...

We need to go way back to when I was found under "The Neighbors" car. You can read about my rescue here if You like... Sammi Jo - A Rescue Story

Drug addicts should not own cats! What do I mean by this? These Neighbors were BIG Pharma junkies. It makes me growl and hiss just thinking about the neglect to 30+ cats in one house!! Yes, they were those people. Hooked on prescription oxy. Pain killers being dealt by the dealers that have destroyed more lives than any plan-demic ever could. I am just a cat, but even Us Cats can see the damage done to our pet humans by the greed and corruption of the corporate drug dealers. I scratched out a post about it awhile back. You can read it at the link below if you like, but WARNING: It was one of my first solo posts, so it is a bit of a long purring, growling, hissy fit about the clown world, and how it scares us kitties. Scares us because who will worship us once all you humans destroy yourselves..?

Caturday Confusion - A Cat Rant

My hooman used to fall asleep and I would practice posting while he snored away. Now where was I..? Oh yes, the drug addict neighbors. From the time I was rescued till Bassy came along was about 5 years. In that five, those neighbors went from 6-8 cats to over thirty plus. They would not spay or neuter. That would cut into the cigarette and booze budget. And do not even get me started about the prescription insurance co-pays. They borrowed money from my hoomans too many times to count on my claws. They ate those pills like tic tacs, M&M's, or like we eat our kitty treats.

Drug Addicts with Kittens...

They popped over one Saturday, probably to borrow money. And they had a goofy looking little ball of furr with them. They hot potato'd the kitten to my pet hooman KrazzyTee. He later told me when he was nuzzling and loving on the kitten, that it stunk so bad like cigarette smoke it made him want to puke. And he could hear the little guy wheezing. He wishes they would have kept him that day. But Bassy needed to be with his mother cat and kitten siblings a few weeks longer. And also they wish they would have taken a photo of him. He looked even more like an Ewok at 2-3 weeks than when that first photo was taken at 5-6 weeks. And more damage was probably done to his respiratory system from the smokers also. There were 4 people living in that double wide that has since been forclosed and repossessed. All of them chain smokers.

Bassy has some breathing issues. But other than that, Sebastian is a mellow, shy, mild mannered kitty.

I did foster momma him a little when we were home. We would go out on the road back then for a couple weeks at a time. Bassy stayed home with the hooman we call @pooky-jax and her kittys "Jax" and "Hallie Blue."

Sammi & Bass 6-14.jpg

Bassy is a big handsome fellow, that I am proud to be somehow related to.

The Black Cloud Ferals...

Later on when the NfH. were evicted, they left 5 cats behind. I will post about them in the future. Here is a photo of the feral my humans call "Tuxy." And the neighbors empty house in the background. My humans put food out right away for the abandoned kitties. They are such awesome hoomans.


So that is why they called those neighbors...

The Neighbors The EX-Neighbors from HELL..!

Hey Thank You Pet Humans.!!


Thanx for reading and following along. I am just a travelin' cat with a million plus miles under my paws. But I got a lot to meow about! So please stop by and see me more. Purrs and Hedbonks to You All!!


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