RE: Saint-Nicolas challenge for well-behaved girls and boys

Dear St Nicholas,
Lieber Nikolaus,

in Austria you go by foot and there's no donkey accompanying you, so I am sorry, but I don't have a carrot 🥕 prepared for you.
Also, here you have a thick book with you, wherein you can read whether one was a good boy or not. So I don't need to lie to you because you know everything anyway 😉

There's only one big wish I have: let the Hive raise to the moon that I can buy me my own car for photo trips.
Well, I have a car, but this one is occupied by my son to go to work and to drive around the lake with his girlfriend. I get it only when the fuel tank needs a refill 😂

If you cannot let the Hive price rise, a lottery win would also do 😁

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