Hive Tour Update - Account creation and Account Recovery steps

After having approached the various aspects of the Hive platform (social, finance and governance), we return to the social side to invite you to discover new features that have been introduced recently: decentralized blacklists and mutes lists.

Introducing the Accounts stage

As a Hive user, you can claim account creation tickets and create new accounts for your friends or onboard new users.

Once you have created accounts, you will also be responsible for helping them recover it if it happens to be compromised.

This is what we suggest you discover with the following steps.

Creating accounts

Claim account tickets

If you have enough available Resource Credits, you can use them to generate Account Creation tickets. These tickets can be used later to help your friends join the blockchain.

Warning: claiming account tickets consumes a lot of RC (Resource Credits) and can prevent you from interacting with the blockchain for a while if you don't have any left in reserve after this operation!

Create a new account

Once you have Account Creation tickets, you can use them to create an account for someone interested in joining our blockchain community. This is a good way to onboard new users.

Recovering accounts

Become a trusted Recovery Account

Accounts created with your tokens automatically set you as the Recovery Account.

But you can also become the recovery account of someone else who decides to trust you enough in case their account has been compromised.

Help to recover an account

Here we are, someone got their account hacked and needs your help to recover it. Now is the time to show that you are a responsible and trustworthy user.

Honestly, we hope that no one has to successfully validated this step.

More to come

Do you think we have exhausted the list of steps that we have for this tour? Think again, we still have several in reserve. Stay tuned!

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