Delayed votes?

What is this thing on the Hiveblocks? Can someone explain it?

There are two things (0, 1) with "time" and "val" values in the "Delayed votes".

Is this has anything to do with upvoting content? If yes, then those two things are not made intentionally, because I do not intend to delay any of my upvotes.


Maybe the "Delayed votes" have something to do with the curation trails I follow, but I did not set a "Wait time" on any of them, and nowadays I upvote contents (both posts and comments) mostly manually.

Automatic upvotes only happen above 90% voting power, because I set it that way. I do this to avoid wasting my voting power, even it is nowadays worth only around $0.02).

And the knowing that it will support good content creators with my upvotes, even if I am not online, is also feels good.



By the way, I do not follow any downvote trails. If I downvote something, then that is manual in every case. I very rarely do it.


3 columns
2 columns
1 column