Hive and MarketSquare: Building Bridges

Hive is a decentralized ecosystem made stronger by likeminded projects aimed at supporting the blockchain and cryptocurrency global outreach network as as a whole. Creating a space where proponents of decentralization can collaborate, share resources and build is key to leaving a positive impact on the cryptosphere. As we move into a new hardfork creating an even more solid foundation for supporting dApps, businesses and projects, we're excited to welcome ARK's MarketSquare platform to the Hive community.

What does the future hold for MarketSquare?

MarketSquare is searching for projects that focus on building, decentralization, and innovative use cases in an effort to bring them together and create "the homepage for the decentralized web." The robust Hive ecosystem is an excellent fit, and ARK will be exploring possible integrations with Hive for their own suite of products.

The ARK team is excited about the possibilities for collaboration, as the Hive blockchain encompasses strong decentralization goals and values, flexible blockchain utility, and ease of integration. Community members will be working with the ARK team to help them explore how Hive can help power their innovations and build a stronger global blockchain community together.

More about MarketSquare:

One of the key experiences in MarketSquare is the ability to easily discover businesses, blockchains, applications and delegates in the blockchain industry. The number of new applications and projects being introduced on a daily basis in the blockchain are vast. From a user perspective, it can be difficult to make sense of what is useful. For a new user, the process of reviewing and researching different projects can be incredibly daunting. This goes for developers and project founders as well, sometimes it may feel like you’re yelling into an echo chamber.
MarketSquare Announcement: Read More

MarketSquare is a flagship product of the ARK blockchain. Learn more about MarketSquare here, and consider signing up for the beta to gain access as soon as the platform goes live:

The ARK Ecosystem allows blockchain developers to customize a sovereign blockchain complete with required feature sets. ARK’s value proposition lies in the array of services offered through the ARK Blockchain Platform. These services include interconnection with different blockchains, seamless integration of custom business logic, flexible development of tailored transaction types, and access to a global, community support system - all rooted in an intuitive development experience.
ARK Whitepaper: Read More

Helping more people discover Hive and the importance of decentralized tech, from end users to developers, is a goal we all share.

Keep an eye out for further posts on collaborative relationships for the Hive blockchain, the upcoming Eclipse hardfork, and more buzz about the future 🐝

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