Someone hacked our Hive account, please Help

What happened?

Hey hive community. Today is a sad day for me. A few days ago I felt into trap of some airdrop scam on Steemit. However, I quickly changed the password for Steemit and didn't even think it could harm my Hive as well. Well, long story short it looks like I had the same password for Hive as it was on Steemit. Looking technically, this could be better protected, like when you make a first log-in with your hive you make new keys as well. Another security I am missing with Hive and Steem is 2FA security with all withdrawals.

I was a good Bee but that's just not enough :(

How much we lost it?

Luckily there was most of funds on the saving account but they still got 459.178 HIVE and 169.651 HBD. Probably for some of you that's nothing but for me who earned all that by myself is a lot. Especially when we are getting about $2.00 per post (and even that if we are lucky with Curie - god bless her and the company)

How can we recover from it?

Do you have any idea how we could boost our Hive and get some bigger rewards? I do believe our articles are good, we put a lot of work into it and we take care to make best of photos. Where is that catch? What communities should we join? Please share with us good people. We would like to get our funds back and start with a new elan.

Thank you to all who can share any information. Stay safe!

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