The Rainbow Bridge To Hive: Steem Users Are Qualified Leads For Hive!

In marketing and promotions, it is very important to influence and filter the types of people who you are interacting with. Budgets and time are limited, so with Hive it makes sense to target Steem users and to reunify the community in the process.


If you walk up to a person on the street and try to explain the benefits of Hive to them, the chances are that you might get some response but are unlikely to convert them to be a serious Hive user. There are several reasons for this but one is simply that people are busy and somewhat comfortable in their existing life choices. On average, a lot more energy needs to be expended to contact, educate and onboard someone to Hive from cold than would be the case where a user has prior knowledge of blockchain powered social networks.

In our case, on Hive, we have a great opportunity in the form of the STEEM community. Rather than viewing Steem users as 'sell outs' or 'clueless' due to their insistence on supporting the old blockchain that operates outside of integrity due to censorship and other unfortunately limiting patterns - We could view them as potential Hive users.

I'm not 100% sure how much energy has been invested into contacting Steem users to motivate them to check out Hive, but I definitely think it's worth putting more in.

Steem currently has a token value a little above Hive's and's Alexa ranking is around 6000 globally, higher than PeakD's and other Hive sites. So in general, Steem appears to be outperforming Hive, despite Hive offering a better suite of features and more integrity. I suspect this is due to Steemit having higher brand awareness in the minds of the wider public and a lack of awareness of what Hive is.

For me, setting up a concerted program of marketing on Steem for Hive is a no brainer - though it certainly may have some challenges. There may be many Steem users who don't even know hive exists and who would love to use Hive instead of Steem.

Selling points of Hive over Steem

  1. HBD stablecoin is actually stable at around 1USD in stead of Steem's SBDs which are currently around 7USD and could go anywhere. Essentially, Steem's stablecoin is funtionally useless.
  2. Hive is truly decentralised, whereas Steem is not. Steem was created with a 'Ninja Mined' token fund, meaning that Steemit Inc. (the founding company) has always held an unfairly large number of Steem tokens. This means that all effort put into building Steem by the community will go to benefit Justin Sun and Steemit inc. instead of the community. Hive took that ninja mined pile of tokens and repurposed it for the Hive community in the form of the worker proposal fund.
  3. Hive is a place for people who understand and value decentralisation and true freedom. This should be all we need to say to sell Hive, but some still seem to be holding on to the idea that Hive is somehow illegitimate. A lot of propaganda was created at the time of the Hive fork that needs to be overcome.

I think that a friendly approach to connecting with Steem users to remind them that Hive exists and to promote it's selling points to them is a great idea, provided people can do so without resorting to conflict and arguments.

Of course, this kind of thing is not for everyone and I fully understand that many here will not want to even make a single post to Hive.

Maybe we can create a hashtag for twitter and steem such as #HiveAwaits or #BridgeToHive that will grab Steem user's attention and motivate some of them to join us here. Remember, this is about the ease with which such people can be onboarded due to their familiarity with the technology, more than it is about specifically valuing individual Steemians.. That being said, I'm sure we all have some old friends who are on there who never made it across to Hive.

What do you think?

Is this something you are interested in or have you totally burned that bridge to Steem?

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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