Anyone know how I can download my entire Steem/Hive wallet history? Looking for formart to import into spreadsheet

I used to use for finding all my author/curation rewards and incoming transfers, this project no longer is functioning.

I found which also has this information(it used to be for Steem). That worked nicely and I was able to easily copy and paste all the data into a spreadsheet, do a subtotal, and have how much SP/SBD I gained each day(now HP/HBD). The project is run by @jesta and looks like it is no longer functioning as the last data on my account is from March 10th 2021. Jesta I would really appreciate if you continued running this service, or if discontinuing it open sourced it with direction on how someone else can keep it up and running? I understand if you are busy and don't see me tagging you in this post, hoping you do though :) !!!

Is there any other place that anyone knows of where I can easily copy and paste something? If not, is there someone out there who might be interested in coding and hosting a website that does? I would be willing to pay a few hundred bucks, and I am sure I could get support from other people to donate some funds over to it, so that it is kept alive and going :) I know that was something like a few hundred bucks a month maximum for expenses, and had tens of thousands of users.