Counterfactual Thinking


Have you noticed that a Bronze medalist is always happier than a Silver medalist at the end of the game?

It is not incidental finding, but a proven fact in many research studies after studying the reactions of Silver medalists and Bronze medalists.

Ideally, a Silver medalist should be happier than a Bronze medalist, but the human mind doesn't work like mathematics.

This happens because of the phenomenon known as COUNTERFACTUAL THINKING.

The Silver medalist thinks, "Oh, I couldn't win the Gold medal. Why couldn't I win the Gold medal?"

The Bronze medalist thinks, "At least I got a medal!"

Silver medal is won after losing, but Bronze medal is won after winning!

This also happens in our life.

We don't appreciate what we have, but feel sad about what we don't have.

Let us be grateful for our blessings because they far outweigh our problems, if we start counting.

Life is, after all, full of choices.

Learn to always count your blessings to stay positive and motivated!

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