Looking for a Hive Assistant

My old assistant moved on to pursue a personal project & I have been looking for a replacement. I need a part-time, Hive only assistant to help me run my operations here more smoothly.

The main job task will be answering emails, organizing initiatives, partial curation of initiatives, handling communication with team/group leaders of various Hive related projects & setting up meetings, etc. It is basically busywork that will allow me to focus more time on being on the cutting edge for Hive instead of being slowed down with work I can delegate to someone else.

You will be working closely with me on a semi-daily basis to help me run my operations on Hive. I prefer someone with skin in the game (it's all relative to your situation) because I want someone working for me that loves Hive and wants it to succeed both from a selfish financial & personal belief point of view.

Must speak English, be able to communicate well & have a positive go-getter attitude. I move very fast and need someone who can keep up.

If interested please email me at theycallmedancash@protonmail.com

Keep your emails short to a few paragraphs max, put in any relative information, your main resume for me will be your past Hive actions. IE your engagement, will others vouch for your integrity, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested. This is needed for me to take my game to the level it needs to be on a consistent basis.

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