Hive Ecosystem Infographic - Looking for Feedback from the Community - Part 2


Hey Hivers,

We thank everyone for the great feedback on the Hive Ecosystem Infographic. @Enrique89 has been working hard, and he has made many changes and upgrades to the infographic. You check out the first version of the infographic here.

This is the new version:


It's a little blurry. If you want to see the image with more details and better quality, you can view it or download it from here.

Zooming in:


Please, share your feedback:

  • Which active Hive apps are still missing?
  • What would you add, and what would you remove?
  • Would you change some of the categories?
  • Which apps would you add to the "Coming soon" category?

Best comments with helpful feedback will be eligible for small upvotes from my account.

The credit for the design and the rewards of this post goes to @enrique89.