Why the next bull-run will matter for Hive

You might have noticed that I've been pushing for changes a bit passionate recently. Especially with yesterday's tweet.


Now, I can understand that this is a bit extreme for some people, but let me explain.

Also, remember that everything which is written with "Hive will.." is only my own opinion and not something static which will happen for sure.

Crypto landscape is changing

In my opinion, the next bull-run could be one of the last of its kind and most importantly, something that separates the wheat from the chaff.

Not that big upswings aren't possible afterward, but cryptocurrency technology is advancing so fast and top blockchains are getting so good, that it's becoming really difficult to compete with them. They can of course always be forked, but for an existing blockchain that would be a massive change and a required token-swap and more.

And not only that but companies like Coinbase, Binance, Crypto.com, etc. are buying up other projects and are becoming crypto behemoths. So the landscape in crypto is going to change.

Crypto is growing and becoming mature/satured

The reason why I think the next bull-run might be the last big one is that we're nearing mainstream adoption. These crypto behemoths are working tirelessly on doing their part in it and there are obviously many other projects (FIO, Shapeshift, etc) doing the same and last but not least, Fiat cryptocurrencies are also becoming real.

As soon as the adoption happens, there will be a massive bull-run and those projects who aren't as future proof as others in people's eyes, will lose out and be left behind.

Hive will not "die/disappear", but something in it might die

Now, Hive will most likely never really "die" or disappear, but it all depends on how you layout the term "die" and what you're referring to.

For me, if Hive can't mature enough until the bull-run happens so it can stay with the big-boys (ETH & co.), then it will become very, very difficult for new innovation to hit and for keeping talented people around.

Could Hive still be used by people if that happens? For sure! But the price will also reflect that.

What will Hive be?

Maybe I need to learn to articulate my words better and/or accept that not everyone is thinking as radical passionate for disruptive changes as me and that I need to relax a bit.

But I will always speak my truth in what I believe and right now, it's that I want Hive to succeed within the next bull-run and beyond. And for that to happen, IN-MY-OPINION, some changes also need to happen.

Yes, SMTs will play a part in that and I am going to put an SMT to good use, but I really want to see more focus on features like custom_json and other 2nd layer network enablers.

If I can be a voice that brings these types of changes, then I will do that, even though I'm also going to be a bit more relaxed and take the foot of the gas-pedal of provoking. As long as there are serious discussions happening about these subjects with results, then I'm "happy". 🙂 🙂