What's going on with HiveTips?

Hey @jackmiller @lightproject

Any updates on HiveTips? I heard it's broken. There were also no "tipping" transactions for the past 31 days: https://hiveblocks.com/@hivetips.pool

I don't want to be mean, but what exactly did Hive gain for over $70,000? A closed source, browser extension + backend API with ~200 installs and roughly 1-3 active users which has been broken without updates for a month?

Also, why were there no blogging updates for over 4 months, the last one roughly when/before the proposal got funded?

To the community:

We didn't fork away from Steem, showing the world that this community can't be bought, to end up as a project that gives out huge pay-checks without requiring responsibilities.

Do you want to know what other project received a similar amount of funding as HiveTips, but had a somewhat different outcome?

Uniswap - $50,000 + 120 ETH for security audit in 2018

On a personal note

I expressed my concerns many times, explaining that while HiveTips should get funded, it should be within the range of 5k-10k of "seed"-money to create a proof of concept; not 70k because the contract-developer already spent x-amount of hours on it.

I truly hope that I'll be proven wrong and HiveTips becomes a major success with thousands of active users (not just a handful) and "Tokenizes the internet with Hive" as advertised.

But being realistic, the odds of that happening are, in my opinion, sadly very slim. What does that mean? Well, I think you know what it means ...

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