Started Receiving Hive Liquidity Rewards

Hello All,
Honestly, I forgot the reason behind why we started receiving HIVE Liquidity rewards. Once I read the mechanism behind this process while I was at Steemit. But I can't remember I earned liquidity rewards after Hive forked from Steem. (I didn't earn rewards regularly. Sometimes I missed that).
I do believe this happens when Hive lacks Liquidity. Because in recent days, Splinterlands (especially) gave a boost to Hive, and most of Liquidity Hive either burnt for account creation or Staked. So it might have some effect on receiving Liquidity rewards of Hive as well.

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What I am Going To Do?

I am going to power up all these liquidity rewards. I believe HIVE is an under-valued cryptocurrency & it should reach the $10 market price in 2022.
Moreover, I planned to power up more HIVEs to reach 10K HP, as I said before. Curation will be the game changer here. So I am powering up my engine to a long run.

Stay Safe & Enjoy

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