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Status of SBDPotato on Steem and Hive (Enter: HBDPotato!)


Just a quick update, @sbdpotato has been dubbed "The Little Engine that Could", it is still chugging away on Steem, purchasing SBD and converting it to STEEM in a "rinse-repeat" fashion to reduce the debt-ratio and hopefully helping to support the price of STEEM and SBD for all those still powering down to get their tokens out of the centralised blockchain Steem has become.

Despite what has happened on Steem, I always keep my word and will send back the sbdpotato funds to the Steem SPS when it is no longer needed or at an earlier timeframe should I choose not to support it.

The Potato project will continue on Hive as soon as @stoodkev can carve out some time to adapt the sbdpotato code to work Hive as well. I understand he is extremely busy with Hive Keychain and other urgent projects and will get to it as soon as he can.

I have registered the @hbdpotato account and once the proposal funding ends on the 16th of April 2020, I will transition the funds to the newly created @hbdpotato account and arrange with @stoodkev to get the engine running there so we can continue to chip away at the HBD surplus on Hive.

Thanks to everyone for your support of the potato proposal and helping to support the peg.

Also special thanks to @arcange for the SteemSQL subscription sponsorship.

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