Hive is still going down in value but I am not super worried. I have my plans on how to handle things.

From what I can tell, steem is probably unlikely to go down in value. I know it makes very little sense to say this but the bottom line is that fundamentals are completely worthless in the crypto market. Otherwise coins that actually functionally run dapps would have already overtaken the market by now.


LBC for example is really good for what it is and its dumping all the time. Hive is obviously the new steem and its value is dumping as well. Steem has absolutely zero reason to go up in value yet it did. The entire thing is a dog and pony show.

One thing I do like about this though is that if I get back into making videos I can capitalize on selling steem I make for even more Hive coins. Dapps should definitely seamlessly support both blockchains if possible. DTube is doing the right thing.

So its all about the Hive and the LBC. A part of me hopes that Hive goes down another 50% so I can buy even more.

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