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People are always pumping out posts about "how to Hive" which is a good thing, as it gives people something to write about. This is especially true when prices are increasing, as there is a new audience trickling in and people like to show off their Hive gumption - the best one I have read of late is this on.

Quoting the rules given in the post by, @nathen007

Are you ready ?

  • Engagement
  • Consistency
  • Integrity

That's it, enjoy!

Pretty simple. Personally, I would have added a thousand more words around it in order to flesh out why these things matter, but you can think about that yourself.

The other thing to think about is who's advice you consider taking, because unfortunately, not all advice is created equal and some of it is terrible. One of the benefits of the internet is that anyone can voice an opinion, but this is also a drawback. Another benefit is we can pick and choose what advice we listen to, but again, this can have drawbacks too.

Imagine going to the doctor with some weird lump and one doctor says, we will have to take biopsy and check to see if it is cancer, if it is we will then have to treat it accordingly with blah, blah... and then going to get a second opinion and the doctor says, "here's a TicTac, it will cure it".

One piece of advice comes with uncertainty and the potential for a lot of risk and even death, the other is literally, very easy to swallow. Who's advice do you take?

Now obviously this is s ridiculous example, but it illustrates something in us that makes us want an easy solution to our problems, whether that be health issues or financial issues. When we can pick and choose our "treatment" from the advice we consume, we are far more likely to choose what is the most comfortable option.

For example, I have mentioned the quoted list above probably hundreds of times (maybe thousands) in different ways on the blockchain, although I would normally use authenticity, instead of integrity. How many do you think follow the advice?

There has been a few. They are generally doing quite well. Those that said,

"Great post! great advice! I will get right on that Taraz!"


Nowhere to be seen.

Let me tell you a story.

A couple days ago at work, there was a guy who had a bad run in with a customer and then as a result, he ended up having a run in with his supervisor because of the way he handled the situation. Even though the customer was well in the wrong, my colleague made the situation worse by laying blame and getting offended by what was being said. Once the guy came out of the office of the supervisor after being reprimanded, he threw the coffee cup he was holding at a glass door and smashed the window.

What do you think about this guy I work with? Would you be happy for him to look after clients in your business? Is he the type of team member you would like to spend your time with?

So, in this fictitious story, regardless of what led to the situation, his behavior is not only inappropriate for any workplace, but it is socially repellant, because of this is the way the person responds to normal workplace conditions, his emotional state can't be trusted.

However, this is much how people respond to things like downvotes on Hive, which are part of the content reward negotiation on the platform, due to the structure of the reward pool and culture of the community. Not everyone likes having downvotes available and most likely, most people do not enjoy getting them - but getting angry over them and posting about how angry and upset you are doesn't make you look like a well-balanced person, it makes you look like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

There is nothing wrong with people acting like toddlers, much of the internet encourages it, but on Hive, it is very likely going to cost you the respect of your peers and f you are looking to earn on Hive, social capital matters. A lack of emotional control will lose you any relationship building capital invested up until that point, but it might attract you some fans. Generally though, those fans are going to be birds of a feather, like-minded and like-resulted.

Sure, your drama might get you a little bit of engagement on a post and might even win you some fans, but it fails in one key area in the 3-step program, consistency. In this case, it isn't the consistency of posting each day or commenting, it is the emotional consistency that builds trust in a relationship. Sure, you can be consistently angry and drama-seeking, but the problem is, that kind of consistency gets tiring very, very fast.

When someone gives you advice that effectively has you throwing public tantrums, first consider what you would think of an adult throwing a tantrum because they didn't get their way, or things weren't as they expected them to be.

How dare you get my soup order wrong, you incompetent ass! I will have your job for this! Don't you know who I am?!

Yeah, a wanker.

People don't like the idea of controlling themselves these days though, they want to do what they want - and when it doesn't lead them to the results they want, it is someone else's fault, or the fault of the system. Self-control on the internet is even less likely, as it is a fantasy world where everything is possible, there is no such thing as reality, people can pick and choose their own alternative fact-filled adventure, always having something or somebody to back them up to support the position.

But, this is the life we have to navigate, where we have to make the decisions on our own activity ourselves and part of that is the advice we choose to take or ignore. It can be a perilous journey, especially in a world driven by the influence of money, because people tend to act differently than they would under normal circumstances, once there is the potential for money on the table. As said, I have written my fair share of "how to" posts on Hive and I have probably earned pretty well on most of them in the recent years,

but I will let you in on a little secret as to why...

  • Engagement
  • Consistency
  • Integrity

It doesn't matter what kind of social environment you are in - building trust matters and if you behavior can't be trusted, why would anything you have to say?

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