My experience in Hive

I had joined HIVE one week ago and I had found lots of interesting content in Hive. Overall I guess it is worth time spending here.

As a part of my CTP training , I keep login daily here and make sure that I read and interact with users here.


I read many post regarding CTP (trying to learn some ropes in Digital marketing.), personal experiences , gambling vs investing and so on but it look really interesting as in @mawit07 post that some jobless can become millionaire as in this below story.

Might be above one is a pure luck but growing funds to extent of 400% in a year is impressive as I read in below @spinvest post.

Not sure if I read any windfall gain story in traditional financial market as such in short time.

I also get my payment of first post yesterday that I powered up so that I can
increase my HP as I earlier got resource credit issue and got resources by @giftgiver .

Hope you have enjoyed my experience and please feel free to give me your feedback.

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