Have You Heard of Aircoins?


I got of work a little early so I went on a quick walk to play Aircoins. Have you heard of this AR game that lets you collect some free crypto? Right now it is more of a way for projects to get people to look into their projects. You are not going to make a lot of money unless you get super lucky and one project blows up or you find a lot of Dash it is on the game. I have only found it once.


I use to play Pokémon go to walk more now I use this. I hope to get a lot of Aircoins for updates they have planned to let you own land like in Upland. This isn’t a referral post you can find the app on both Android and IOS. It will use data to play so take that in mind if you have caps. Coins not respawn in the same area often so you do have to go to new areas to walk to keep collecting. It is more of a coin hunter game.


But it can be a fun way to show people a game that might get them into crypto. I mean my daughter loves to collect the coins she doesn’t care that they don’t have a lot of value.


Bye for now and let me know if you try it.

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