The Brit List - February 2021

I have run my script again for my monthly update of Brits who are using Hive. Anyone could use that to make a list for their country or city.

Logo by @barge

I keep an eye out for any new people or when others return to Hive. The @teamuksupport Discord can be useful for that, but I also get tipoffs from others. Please let me know if you notice anyone is missing, even if they are not currently active.

I can include additional accounts for people if requested, but I want to count people rather than just accounts.

Previous editions:

The good news is the the numbers are up again even though less were active in the first (biggest) region. We are getting so close to 100 and maybe we can reach that milestone next month. The script checks for any activity within the last month, so even one comment will count. If you know someone who has stopped posting then maybe you can encourage them to return, especially now it could be worth more. Can we find more than one Hiver in Northern Ireland?

London & the South East (32/9/11)

@adetorrent, @andy4475, @atomcollector (@risingstargame), @basilmarples, @bleepcoin, @chris-uk, @dannyshine, @davidthompson57, @donatello, @fleur, @gillianpearce, @kgakakillerg, @lloyddavis (@steemcampuk), @maneco64, @markangeltrueman, @molometer, @nathanmars, @nickyhavey, @nicolcron, @notaboutme, @petrahaller, @raymondspeaks, @rmsbodybuilding, @robbieallenart, @sergiomendes, @spectrumecons, @stav, @steevc (@tenkminnows @swing47), @stickchumpion, @stormkeepergu (@stormkeepersmdk), @ultravioletmag, @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Voting: @cryptogee, @ezzy, @immarojas, @kabir88, @matildamoment, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @redrica, @winkandwoo

Inactive: @breadcentric, @dougalporteous, @dronegraphica, @hockney, @rosa33, @stealthywolfxli, @steemlondon, @susanlo, @teodora, @the-busy-bee, @todayslight

The Midlands (20/1/10)

@abh12345, @article61, @beautifulbullies, @bettynoir, @dannewton (@earthsea), @dawnsart, @dickturpin, @ellenripley, @fastchrisuk, @gribbles, @jaytaylor, @leighscotford, @neilru75, @neopch, @paulofnottingham, @rimicane, @rthelly, @shanibeer, @shmoogleosukami, @ura-soul

Voting: @skaarl

Inactive: @audreyvr, @brianbrogan1960, @codelikeamother, @ebabb, @fizogphotography, @flashpointstudio, @martaesperanza, @opheliafu, @purplephoto, @wildonewon

The South West (7/2/0)

@davidlionfish, @diveratt, @jonboka, @perceptualflaws, @sharpshot, @sunsethunter, @wolven-znz

Voting: @adambarratt, @jimbobbill

The North (15/5/4)

@adamfryda-art, @ashtv, @c0ff33a (@whiterosecoffee), @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @darrenflinders, @jphamer1, @lastravage, @pcste, @raj808, @richgaynor, @slobberchops, @someguy123, @stevenwood, @teamhumble

Voting: @artonmysleeve, @bingbabe, @dizzydiscovery, @goblinknackers, @jskitty

Inactive: @dismayedworld, @father2b, @mckeever, @vraba

Scotland (9/2/2)

@barge, @cadawg, @camuel, @celticheartbeat (@jubei333), @cottonlazarus, @epicdave, @kevmcc, @meesterboom, @rafalforeigner

Voting: @btcvenom, @natubat

Inactive: @danaidhbee, @highlandwalker

Wales (7/2/2)

@artystuff, @grindle, @louisthomas, @pennsif (@steemclub-uk), @pumpkinsandcats, @stevelivingston, @welshstacker

Voting: @elizabethharvey, @theturtleproject

Inactive: @p-props, @trolleydave

Northern Ireland (1/0/0)


Somewhere in the UK... (5/5/1)

@cryptosneeze, @fadetoblack, @marketingmonk, @mudcat36, @tommyrobinson

Voting: @djsl82, @gmuxx, @grizzle, @pjau, @steddyman

Inactive: @vibeof100monkeys

Expats (16/1/2)

@accelerator (@rycharde Thailand), @cryptoandcoffee (South Africa), @eco-alex (Planet Earth), @jeffandhisguitar (SE Asia), @livinguktaiwan (Taiwan), @lucylin, @millycf1976 (Philippines), @minismallholding (Australia), @moonyoga (Portugal), @nathen007 (Thailand), @revisesociology (Portugal), @samstonehill (France), @scubahead (Philippines), @sebcam (USA), @starkerz (Cyberspace?), @trucklife-family (The Earth)

Voting: @tggr (Singapore)

Inactive: @biggypauls (Philippines), @ripebanana (Trinidad and Tobago)

Total active UK: 96, Expats: 16

UK Witnesses

Support your local witnesses.
@someguy123, @ura-soul, @cadawg, @whiterosecoffee, @c0ff33a, @nathanmars, @shmoogleosukami

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