My experience of running #HiveChat

I would hope most people know about HiveChat. If not then it is a weekly session over on Twitter where a member of the community gets to post some questions and see what people think. It is an opportunity to get some discussion going about Hive where non-users may see it. I was nominated to do it by @the-bitcoin-dood who has already done it himself.

The idea is that you post five questions over the course of an hour. @traciyork helps organise it and made some nice animated slides for me to use. Here are the questions I put up. The images link to the tweets. Responses are still coming in as the time I did this does not suit everyone around the world.


@theycallmedan, @taskmaster4450 and @nathanmars got a lot of love on this one, but so did many others.


There were various opinions on this. Some blame the bad vibes some suffer here and others the complexity of using Hive as well as wrong expectations. Marketing is something we need to improve on somehow.


It was good to hear that some people just vote on what they like. I think strategic and/or automated voting can have issues as it can favour those who get good rewards anyway. We need to spread the benefits to more people.


The creativity of this community always amazes me. I am into things like comics and music, but there is so much more. Creativity deserves rewards and Hive can provide them.


I thought I would take the opportunity to try and get some rewards to people. I am voting on posts people link, although some already have pretty good rewards. I do tend to give bigger votes to those with less. Feel free to add more links there and I will have a look.

This was a fun experience for me. HiveChat is generally a pretty intense hour, but it is more so when you are having to create the posts whilst responding to people. I ended up having my dinner a bit late.

Thanks to all who took part. I can recommend doing this. I am sure more volunteers will be welcome.

Hive five!

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