Hive on the move

I will be doing some travelling in the next few months and so I need access to various Hive dapps when away from my PC. I recently bought a Lenovo tablet that I will take with me as well as my old phone. I do not even have a usable laptop and a tablet can do most things I need anyway. I will probably watch some Netflix on it.

To make good use of Hive I really need @keychain to log into various dapps. I had a feeling there was a mobile version and it seems it was released a few months back.


From my brief testing it seems good. It has a built-in browser where sites have access to your keys as required. I have logged into Hive Engine, @splinterlands, @risingstargame and @peakd so far. I need to keep up with various daily challenges in the games, and to claim my SPS tokens. I hope people are getting those as they are worth a decent amount. The DEC price is up too and so playing Splinterlands is really worthwhile.

The Keychain app allows for various wallet functions, including transferring Hive Engine tokens.

To get my keys into the app I was able to scan a QR code generated by the extension on my PC, so that was painless. Of course security is still important. Any device with access to your keys needs to be looked after carefully with good passwords and/or biometrics.

I know a lot of people do not even have a PC, so Hive needs to be easily usable on mobile platforms. Keychain has been one of the best ways to help with that on computers and now it is usable just about everywhere.

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