Follow Friday: Seek them out

Last week we were all excited about crypto in general and $HIVE in particular climbing, but that did not last too long. $HIVE is still much higher than a month ago, so we cannot complain too much. We need to get on with growing the community and adding actual value rather than relying on speculation.

I hope most people have seen this warning about some phishing that is going on via Discord and Hive comments. Be very careful what you download and where you expose your keys.

One of the selling points of the Hive platform is that it is harder to get censored than on other platforms. You would have to upset enough witnesses for them to exclude you totally and that is very unlikely. Meanwhile people get banned from the big platforms for upsetting particular factions. That has been happening with @atheistrepublic, who are out to criticise religions for the bad things they do.


Despite this they want to stay on platforms like Twitter as that gets them the biggest audience. They have 130k followers there, which Hive cannot compete with for now. They have had a presence here for some time, but it has mostly been about re-posting videos on @threespeak and they rarely respond to comments. I can appreciate that they have limited resources, but if they actively encouraged their followers to move here they would have less issues with getting censored. As it is they do not mention Hive in their posts or on their site. If a few thousand of their supporters came here it could start generating significant income for them.

Meanwhile I have been waving fun with @hivesql. It is proving useful to find more Brits for the Brit List. I can query accounts by location and this has uncovered lots of active people that I had not encountered before. I will feature some of them in this #FollowFriday:

  • @stickupboys are electronic music makers from the south coast.
  • @blockchainyouth also creates EDM. There does seem to be a fair bit of that on Hive.
  • @robbieallenart is more into painting.
  • @forbritain are a political party. I have not seen many of those here. Including them here is no indication that I support them.
  • @vtravels is a photographer.

I will also mention @cryptogee and @beautifulbullies who many will know already. They have both returned to Hive after some time away. Every active user matters, but people may have other things going on in their lives.

Hive needs people and those people need to connect with others who share their interests. We should do what we can to build communities and that is why I do these posts. You are welcome to do your own #FollowFriday.

BTW I just ran this query and it seems I have done 230 #FollowFriday posts so far.

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Hive five!

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