Follow Friday - All rise

Over the last week or so the HIVE price has been creeping up. It touched 16c before dropping, but is still a couple of cents up on where it was. Volume has been up, with lots of activity in Korea. That bodes well, but I have had my hopes raised before.

From @coingecko

@peakd is the biggest Hive site and is creeping up the Alexa rankings. It has overtaken Steemit with less visitors, but three times the pageviews.

From Hypestat

@threespeak is on a real climb.
From Hypestat

We need to keep pushing people to get involved and not just the exiles from Twitter. We need a broad range of content to attract others.

And so to the main business of #FollowFriday. Here are some people to check out. Please share your own suggestions in a comment or post.

  • @wwwiebe has some cool cartoons that can get philosophical or political.
  • @sketch.and.jam is a musician who produces some great videos for his pieces that are often improvided.
  • @nftmart is a place you can trade items in some of the Hive games. It allows multiple items to be moved at once.
  • @ashtv is a film-maker from the UK.
  • @jrej is a comic artist who is behind the @inkito dapp that I had missed before. It is a cool place to view comics.

I hope there is something here to interest you. Tell me who I am missing.

Hive five!