It's been a long time... I'm back.

Hi there! Welcome to my first post on the Hive blockchain.

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I haven't been around for 2 years. I really missed the community and decided to write this post.

Everything changed so much while I was away, I came back to keep up with the change! I hope everyone in the community is fine while I'm not here. If you ask how I am, I'm not very good but I believe the Hive will heal me. :) I have been reviewing the Hive community and news about Steemit for a few weeks now and at the end of my review I decided to return to the excellent community of the Hive blog.

Who am I?

I am sargoon, I joined this community in 2017. I made open source contributions in different categories at the community on the Steem blockchain. I was making contributions for the open source community almost everyday. The categories I contributed to were as follows:

  • Video Tutorials (about programming / development)
  • Tutorials (about programming / development)
  • Translations
  • Suggestions
  • Bug Hunting
If you want, you can check my old projects:

About my journal

I made over 100 contributions for the community in 1 year, I really loved contributing to the open source community, this was one of my favorite hobbies, in fact I can still say it is one of my favorite hobbies. Later on, I worked as a moderator at for almost a year. 1 year later, decided to leave the Steem blockchain, that really upset me.

After that day, I have never been active in Steemit. Soon after I left Steemit, bad things happened, known to the whole community...

Bad things caused good things and these excellent guys who don't deserve these bad things on Steemit, created the Hive blockchain. This led the building of an excellent blockchain; a reliable, community-driven and community-friendly platform. I am very happy that the Hive was created, finally the community and the witnesses will get the support they deserve. I really want that Hive to be the social media of the future, so I decided to be a part of the Hive community to really fulfill this wish.

Think... On the one hand, Steemit, which is not community-driven and doesn't care about the opinions of the Community & Witnesses and "has no credibility", and... In my opinion the Steem is not a decentralized anymore...

And on the other hand, Hive, which is completely reliable, literally "decentralized" and truly community-friendly.

What could I want better than this?

Finally, a completely "community-driven", trustworthy and transparent social media. Besides being a social media/blog, it gives life to the community with a brand new blockchain!

I think Hive deserves much more support and I want to contribute to this community to make Hive better, at least I'll do my best for that.

So I'm here again after 2 years. Hello Hive! Hello wonderful Hive community! :)

Thank you very much for reading my article.
Kind regards...


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