RE: Want Social Change? Change Your Social! Web 3.0 Is Here - It's Time to Dump Reddit & The Rest!

For me, one of the key differences between Hive and other social media platforms is the level of engagement that I get to experience here every day. I joined Hive as a means to get myself writing regularly again. I had been out of the writing loop for many months due to some shoulder injuries that I had sustained during lockdown and I wasn't ready to jump in the deep end and get back to the book I had started I figured if I joined a blogging platform that it would set me off on the right track, and I came across Hive quite fortuitously...and have not looked back.

I write for the joy of it, mostly short stories, poetry, some discursive essays, and some blogs. I engage because I love connecting with people and guess what?...on Hive... they engage back! I can share something in this space and complete strangers will respond and hold meaningful conversations with me...with a fair few of those strangers becoming friends over time. I can support the writings of others too and it brings me great joy to do so.

On Facebook, I can share a link to my post here on Hive and I may get one or two people giving me a silent thumbs up...and these are my nearest and dearest who mostly cannot be bothered to read, support, and engage. So like @lordtimoty, I probably check my Facebook account once every couple of days now... because for the most part, it no longer fulfills me in the same way that Hive does.

Hive does have its issues but I am less concerned with what I cannot directly control and more concerned with the continued existence of a creative space that I now call home.


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