Introduce My Self, Roni Rahadi

Hi everyone, nice to meet you.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Roni. My friend knew me as Roni Rahadi. I was born in Bangkalan - Madura, Indonesia in 24 years ago. My father came from Jakarta meanwhile my mom come from Madura.


Talking about my hobby, I like cooking and very passionate to cook. I learned to cook from my mother. From a young age, I like to help my mother when she's cook and since at that time I'm so interested in cooking.

I live with my mother and older sister. My father left me since I was in the womb. So I did it all myself. Since I was little I used to be independent. I used to really like to go out looking for any shellfish in the sea to cook.

I'm quitted from school when I was in high school, after school I immediately worked as a clothes shop in Bali and I was very happy to work there. The scenery was beautiful, the people were nice and kind.

And over time I was invited by my sister to work in a restaurant, my sister in Surabaya, and I was there as a cooker and bought all my own things, from cooking to preparing spices and selling, and I thought I wanted to open a business like that, and I started saving and I quit my job and I started to want to migrate to Jakarta with the determination that I wanted to open my own business in Jakarta.



At the beginning I was really sad when I opened a business until I wanted to ask my mother to go home because no one bought it none, until I went around to every place, and I didn't want to give up and I made a poster of my food I spread it in every mall I gave to peoples.

Then I decided to start my business, many have ordered and have entered by Go food, and from there I have learned, there is no effort that will not produce results.


I knew this platform from my best friend, she is @anggreklestari who was introduce HIVE to me. Through her, I really want to sharing my precious daily to all peoples around the world. It look so interesting.

By the way, I and anggrek was old friend by social media. We once met at social media and abruptly lost contact when I was busy to build my business.


I hope that by joining here, I can share my experience in cooking and explore another skill here. Please looking forward that!

All photos taken by Iphone XSR

Roni Rahadi

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