Welcome To HF25

We did it. Welcome to the future. The future is HF25. Congrats @arcange for getting the first block of the new fork.

First things to do: clean up your witness votes, if you are voting for people on a really old fork(think 0.23.0, they might still be updating if they are on one of the 1.24.x). Everyone should be doing this.

I(under @hextech) set my HBD APR to 12%. You should vote for witnesses who you think have a good APR, not too high and not too low. HBD interest only pays in savings so be sure to move some HBD to savings if you want interest on it(it takes 3.5 days to take it out though, so be ready for that risk).

Enjoy the latest hive HF. No more waiting 5 minutes to vote a post for that sweet sweet curation. Vote it as early as you want.

Things are getting better around here.

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