Help Improve Hive In A Few Clicks

Past two days hive's been having increased usage. API nodes can get overloaded and thats a problem which has a solution. Let's get more of them, hopefully managed by different people, and even better, one for each project. But the ideal solution isn't always possible.

A solution is better than no solution, even if it isn't ideal. We have one, and thats a proposal. Proposal 184 is for a 3 nodes spread out around the globe, all reachable using a single url. No need to worry about the hard parts, just pick the url as your node and it'll give you to the best node with the magic of GEODNS.

A shitty user experience on Hive would be terrible right now, when we are trying to pull in new users with a marketing campaign. If they can't even use the platform correctly, why will they stay? Even if this isn't the best solution long term, it's one thats good enough to support for now until a long term solution comes around.

Vote for it on the peakd page here:

(Its 1 AM, I've been trying to fix a problem caused by a shitty node for the last hour so excuse the poor explanation)

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