Introucing Reverio (formally Quello) - A question and answer platform built on Hive


It is with great joy we're happy to announce a new tool coming to Hive called, Reverio. Reverio is a Q&A platform built exclusively on Hive that allows you to ask, answer and reward valuable contributions to our community.

If you've been on Hive for a while you may remember Quello, which was the original version of this project which launched back in 2020, in the time during Quello's downtime, we've received many inquiries about its future, and I'm happy to say the platform will be returning very soon with a new and improved roadmap under the name Reverio.

Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect the site to look like:

Web 1280 – 2.png

Please note: Some of the above will change slightly in line with the additional features that are available will be incorporated into the new platform.

As we move closer and closer to launch, we'll begin to release specifics surrounding the roadmap, but we're happy to announce upon launch that a wide array of features that previously had available on Quello.

  1. Create a question in a selection of different topics.
  2. Answer questions in a selection of different topics.
  3. Ability to post to blog or as comment held outside of your blog
  4. Ability to vote and downvote questions and answers.
  5. User profile with user questions, answers, followers, and following and ability to edit profile.
  6. Ability to indicate topics you know about and filter questions based on what you're interested in.
  7. Ability to save questions for later.
  8. Ability to vote, comment, and harness the awesome benefits that Hive provides.
  9. View related questions and check if a question has been asked prior to asking it.
  10. Light / Dark Mode
  11. Referrals
  12. Social Sharing

It's also difficult to ignore the fact that over the past few years, layer 2 tokens on Hive have continued to grow. As a result, we believe now is the ideal time to announce the launch of a new token that can be earned through Reverio and will enable us to offer more rewards for insightful questions and answers. As we get closer to launch, more details on the tokenomics, utilities, public sale, and airdrops will become available, but we feel this change will be one that will be happily received by the previous Quello users and the overall Hive community.

The team behind Reverio include both @tobias-g who originally developed the intitial version of @quello as well as the addition of @mmead28 who will be providing much need contributions to aid the overall growth of the platform.

So with that said, we're happy to let you know there will be a place for questions and answers on the Hive blockchain once again, and it'll be better than ever before. Over the coming couple of weeks, you can expect more sneak peeks of the platform, token news and new features coming to Reverio. We look forward to keeping you updated during our journey to the platform's relaunch.

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