Wait, Hive hit one dollar!?

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On September 3 at 9:00 P.M. While I was most likely around the house on my computer, hive went to $1. You read that right. One dollar.

And six cents.

What!? Hive!? Wow crypto is getting serious! And here I am, a 15 year old on the computer all day doing nothing to find out how to jump into this new era and get rich!

This is big news to me. I remember two years ago, maybe a bit farther back, when my father was telling me, you have to get in on these crypto projects! Get into crypto! And I hardly put much effort into it. I looked at some cryptos, such as bitcoin or litecoin, but did nothing about it. All of that crypto-currency stuff was just foriegn to me.

So I didn’t think much when I decided to start blogging on Steemit. I mean, I had a blog before and decided, why don’t I just post content up here about what I feel like and make money off of it? So I did. And when the big move to hive came, I moved along with it.

But back then hive was what, a few cents?

I even started to make some art for NFT’s, just uploading them as I finished them. (they’re up for auction on opensea! You can bid for some at: https://opensea.io/restcity please support.)


I had no idea it would get this far. Same with VeChain. It used to be half a penny, now look at it go at about $0.15!

Crypto in general is in its infancy, but it is not a newborn anymore. I regret not paying so much attention to it two years ago. But there’s still time to win big!

A twelve year old made a collection of NFT’s named ‘Weird Whales’, and they sold over night for six figures! A nine and fourteen year old are making 5 figures a month off of etherium!

I don’t think there’s much time left to catch riches in this window.

I feel like an idiot for not getting into crypto much sooner! Uh! As for kids my age, are you catching this window? Have you had success with crypto? If so, how, I’d love to hear how in the comments!

Let’s see how far the crypto market goes, cause whether you like it or not, it’s going somewhere, fast.

Until next time! :)

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