Blockchain Games & Dapps: Why Ethereum gets the press while HIVE gets the players?

So, this is my first HIVE-centric related post. After buying a few Steem back in the day, I completely forgot about it, and just recently entered the rabbit hole of Hive, LEO, the HIVE games, keychains, hashtags and participation. I don't have much, but I'm having a lot of fun!

So yesterday someone sent me this slide. People was patting themselves in the back, because of ETH adoption, blockchain gaming being a thing, etc etc.


And I got super annoyed! (First quick Ex-Ante: I'm a Day Zero CryptoKitties player, so I know about what I'm talking about)

So, AXIE got 2700 "sellers and buyers"? (That's 1350 trades in a week, or 10 per hour).... Sorare, 3 trades per hour... Cryptokitties, 2... ENS is not even a game ffs...
And, apart from Axie, not a single dapp is working with more than 1000 customers?

So Inmediately thought: Well, WHAT ABOUT HIVE ECOSYSTEM?


@SPLINTERLANDS : Trading Card Game... Accesible, competitive, and well designed... More than 5000 players monthly... 5000 transactions DAILY!


@HOLYBREAD! And his new spinoff Thunkgaria! (By the awesome team led by @simplegame ) : RPG galore with items, arena, dungeons and whatnot! Hundreds of players! Everything working flawlessly on Web 3.0 and without fees!!!


@DCITY! With the almighty @gerber logged 25 hours per day, and easily over 500 DAILY players making HUNDREDS of transactions per day...

rising star.jpg

@RISINGSTARgame by the Oh-So-British guys at Atom Collector Records, a web browser game with quests, cards and oh my!


@Cryptobrewmaster , Where you can be a master of brewing crypto! Not, seriously, buy sell and trade ingredients, craft beer, sell it or drink it! All under Hive keychain friendly umbrella!

EXODE! RABONA! I mean, every week I discover a new one. And something that any game needs is ADOPTION. And well, you are not going to get adoption by having ETH at 620 USD, with transaction fees at $4, and asking for $25 per card in Sorare (ugh) .

So my impression is that the current "establishment" in crypto media prefers to speak about the fancy ethereans, get swag sent to their home, and catch interviews and special passes at the crappy conventions made by Consensys and Friends.
But let me tell you, this is not about who gets better press, but about what is people playing at. And players don't care about reviews. They just wanna have fun. And HIVE system is the most frictionless ecosystem I have met since I bought some btc a few years ago, and someone tipped me some Dogecoins over the MIRC chat. Those times are far away, and now I'm super bullish on the incredible gaming platform that HIVE is becoming, that is well escorted by Blogs, tweets and videos around it.

Thanks for reaching here! If you know of any other cool gaming project running on HIVE, please lmk in the comments! And a huge shootout to Mr. @Khazrakh who discovered me half the titles I'm hooked now!


PS.- I'm trying to learn how to make this appear in my account, so bear with me with the hashtags, haha!