HIVE Highlight Community Challenge - 50 Hive Pizza Milestone


So I chance upon @jfang003 post and I thought that hey, why not! I think this is a really cool initiative and wanted to give it a go as well!

So this community challenge came from @guiltyparties . It is a pretty interesting challenge, so if you are not in yet do give it a go. More information can be found through this link below


So now, for me I am a really new user and I was thankful to have tons of people helping me out all the way. I started just a couple of months ago and as I was playing both Splinterlands and Rising Star, the idea of really appealed to me and I just want more of those Pizza tokens! In Splinterlands, there is a crazily huge Pizza family and have tons of Guilds associated to Pizza. One really wonderful guy whom I look up to is @kennysgaminglife , who is a leader in one of the Pizza Guilds! And if anyone is playing Rising Star, we all would know the importance of Pizza! Not to mention @thebeardflex who really motivated me through his post!

So now, I really wanted to better myself and maximise the number of Pizza that I have. Through crumbs, I manage to accumulate 50 Pizza Tokens, which to me is a huge huge milestone! I achieved this Milestone on 5th Dec 2021, and I was so proud of myself I even put up a post for it!


I think it took me approximately 2-3 months to achieve this. Although this might be something simple for many, for someone who just started this is really a huge milestone and I am very proud of it!

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