Mafiozo - New Crypto Browser Game

Update 2023: Devs abandoned the project. Lack of users I guess and no visible marketing.

Good day to all. Hope you all doin great! So I saw a post about this game on Pub0x you guys might wanna try. It's a new browser, idle type game that rewards you with Litecoin (LTC). If your in to idle games like Risingstar & alienworlds this might interest you.

If you're familiar with the Mafia Wars game back then when Facebook was cool, or the simple drug wars desktop game back then, this one is similar. The name of this game is Mafiozo.

The goal of this game is too raise your respect points and you can exchange them for Litecoin (1 respect = 1 litoshi) or increase your stats to earn more respect.

There are multiple ways to increase your respect. You can fight other players but this decreases your health. To regenerate your health, you need to go to the gym or hospital. You can also race other players when you buy a vehicle.

To have a chance at wining in fights, you need to buy items (clothes, weapons, pets etc.) to increase your stats. To be able to buy items, you need cash. To earn cash you need to buy properties (passive) or do some work.

Each action you do decreases your energy bar. The energy bar regenerates every 10 mins. You can only do one action at a time.

That's pretty much the basics of the game. Minimum withdrawal is 1000 respect (1000 litoshi) to your faucetpay account but take note that when you convert your respect your level will go down too.

The game is still quite new so I haven't cashed out yet since I'm still trying it out. If you wish to play this game please do extend your DYOR about it and use a separate email account not your main email.

Check out the game here (affiliate link)

That's all for now and thanks for reading.

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