Growing with great minds.

Have you ever been in a meeting with strong minds and you ask yourself where you have been all the while? That was the exact way I felt after attending the meeting I had with @surpassinggoogle and other great minds, all thanks to @adesojisouljay for inviting me. There is so much more to human existence than trying to survive every day, understandably, the stress, difficulty, and chaos accompanied by coming from a place like mine could make your mind completely concentrated on basic survival, it is however essential to break out of the norm, that is, if you desire to stand tall and stand different, make sacrifices where necessary, take advantage of loads of opportunities on web3 and build something great for yourself.

This is what I consider the most important lesson I learned from the four (4) hours meeting, the building process may take a lengthy and sacrificial procedure, but it is certainly the best thing we can do for ourselves. Find out about everything that went down through the video and harness the strength that lies within just like I have decided to do. My blog journey starts soon and I can't want to share my daily experience with you beautiful minds, have a great week friends.

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