[OceanWallet Update] Sell and transfer multiple NFTs

In the last few days I made some changes to OceanWallet and I think I changed enough now that it's worth posting an update.
Tl;dr you can now send multiple NFTs to other accounts in one transaction, you can sell single and multiple NFTs, the previous NFT owner is now shown and I reworked some of the code.

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Sell single and multiple NFTs

I have added a functional market quite some time ago, but you could never sell NFTs from OceanWallet. The reason for that is actually quite stupid: I just didn't know a good way to create forms with HTML and/or JS, but I figured it out now, so that won't delay future developement.

So you now can sell single and multiple NFTs. For selling a single NFT there is a button next to the transfer button.


Clicking it opens up a form, which looks like this:


It's not fany, but it's simple, fast and it works. Which I think are the main selling points of this tool lol. When writing in the symbol field it suggests some popular tokens, which you can then choose from a drop down list. The price can be entered with either a comma or a dot, it automatically converts to a dot.

Note: While you can now sell cards from OceanWallet, you currently can't cancel the sell orders. You have to do that from some other interface. The feature will be added in the next update probably.

Transfer multiple NFTs

The next feature, which I finally added is the ability to transfer multiple NFTs at once. As you can see on the screenshot below, the first column of the table now has checkboxes. Selecting at least one checkbox reveals two buttons at the bottom of the screen. One of them is 'Transfer selected', which is used for transferring the selected NFTs. The other button is used for the selling feature described earlier.

Clicking the button opens a form, similar to the one that is used for transferring single NFTs.


You can currently sell or transfer 50 NFTs in one transaction. This limit can be raised to about a thousand or so, I will probably do that in the future, but it has really low priority.


I reworked some of the code. The data fetching on the main wallet page is now working properly (before it was not very clean, to put it lightly :) ). This allowed for some changes, that I wanted to do, but couldn't before. Additionally I restructured some of the code and made it more modular (not something that you will notice while using the tool).

If you have over 1000 NFTs you could have only seen 1000 of them at
maximum. This is now changed, you can see all of them. Keep in mind though, that loading multiple thousand NFTs takes some time, even if you have a good internet connection and a fast device.

Added a "Loading. Please Wait." notification while the data is being loaded, particularly so you can know whether the tool is not working or just loading.

The total number of NFTs is now displayed next to the search bar.

Added a "Previous owner" field to the table.

Future plans

My university exam phase started recently, so even though I'm really motivated to code recently I don't know if I will have the time to do it. But still, there is a short term plan for changes:

  • Add a cancel sell order feature for the market
  • Allow to stay logged in on the market page and related to that a logout button
  • Allow to show NFTs by a NFT type instead of by username (and similar custom search queries)
  • Show multiple NFT sales in the market stream
  • Buy a domain? I'm considering to buy a domain, so you don't have to use a shitty github page link to access the tool

I have a list of other ideas for stuff to add, but the things above are features that I want to add as soon as possible. Once that stuff is completed I think I can begin to build some advanced stuff, that will need some more work and that will solve some problems.

Currently NFTs of the games Rising Star and DCity are listed on OceanWallet. If you want to see another NFT listed just leave a comment here, but as far as I know these two are the only actively used Hive-Engine NFTs.

If you have any other feature suggestions,ideas or find bugs feel free to leave a comment.

OceanWallet - Fast. Simple. Works.

Edit: While testing I noticed that with Firefox not everything is working correctly on the website. So if possible use a chromium based browser.

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