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RE: Hive’s future as a 2nd layer blockchain network

The way I have seen Hive has been a lot simpler but do agree with the 1st and 2nd layers - obviously, you're one of the main developers and going in to a bit of technical background with your understanding of the underlying technology.

For me, HIVE is the base layer of code/software/tech/currency that chugs along in the background, making sure all transactions are recorded.

It's the apps that are built ON TOP of this base layer (i.e. 2nd layer) which is where non-tech folk like me hang out. Apps like peakd, travelfeed, 3speak splinterlands etc all have their own target audience and should have their own marketing campaigns and strategies to bring more users to their dapps that are built on the Hive blockchain.

I'm probably guilty of this as well but in my (non-marketing expert opinion) we shouldn't be marketing Hive as a place for users, rather Hive should be advertised as a place for developers/software engineers etc as a place to build their applications on. Then those applications have their own target audience and marketing depending on the niche they are trying to fill.

If I was any good at graphic design, then I'd be able to draw it better but alas, here is a Paint job to try and depict what I mean haha


So with this, HIVE is the blockchain (layer 1), the apps built on top of it (layer 2) and the red circle around all of them is the community that are involved at all layers.

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