Update on NFTMart HIVE/HBD Markets

Hi everyone. Firstly, thank you to everyone who has used NFTMart recently, your support is greatly appreciated.

We realise the quality of service has been a little lacking recently with the uptick of orders causing some issues with the Hive and HBD markets. Since we aim to provide the best market interface on Hive, we don't feel this is up to scratch with what you should expect of NFTMart.

Any cards sitting with the HIVE/HBD contract have been returned to their owners, and all pending orders have been refunded.

While providing a secure, fast and easy to use NFT Marketplace is our goal, we feel we can deliver better by disabling these markets as we improve the contract. We're hoping not much more than a month, but of course we won't rush this as we want to ensure it provides a great experience.

Thank you for sticking with NFTMart,
The NFTMart Team 🤗

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