Free HIVE Social Kit


Here's another Kit.

This one consists of 21 different social media thumbnails to headline your Hive-related posts. Some of them are the same ones I created as part of the brand assets you can download from the site. But I thought you guys could use MORE!

All of them have been optimized and sized to work well as graphics for your next blog post. They should also be fine for Twitter or elsewhere.

Half of them emphasize HIVE as a brand. That is their purpose. Speaking of brand, let's talk about the identity we've declared as our own.

A HIVE, as it's typically understood, consists of a swarm of like-minded individual units that are all working towards the same goal. United in purpose. Each unit contributing to the greater goal.

A Hive's power is derived from the lock-step teamwork and collaboration of every participating unit. Each unit, regardless of size or role, has value. Each unit is an important member of the team.

This concept is what inspired the "UNITED WE SWARM" thumbs.


It's a very powerful mantra, particularly since I strongly believe that our ability to be UNITED is what will determine Hive's success or failure. In-fighting, negativity, and hostile actions within the Hive will destroy this grand experiment in short order.

Nothing kills innovation, creativity, and collaboration quicker than a lack of empathy.

Now, I'm not saying that cancerous elements within the community must be tolerated. However, we must take care to resist a mob mentality that is quick to ridicule, bully, or tear down anyone that has a differing opinion or perspective.

The goal should always be to seek common ground, understanding, and peaceful, mutually-beneficial resolution. In doing so, we will benefit from a wellspring of knowledge and experience that spans across all members of the community. Therein lies our power.

Therein lies our inevitable Success.

With that in mind, I am including 10 thumbnails that are focused on Hive topics that revolve around evolving and improving our Hive.


My hope is that when readers see one of these graphics on their feed, that we will all treat the writer's idea with respect and dignity. When an author takes the time to publish a post, it's with the intention to elevate our home. To make it better.

By flaming a community member, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. For even if the post is nonsensical or foolish, there is another person with the seed of a great idea...and THAT idea will never see the light of day because of the FEAR to be publicly ridiculed or insulted. As a result, the potential for the blockchain becomes that much dimmer.

In the immortal words of Bill and Ted:

Be Excellent to Each Other!

And with that, here's your Hive Social Kit.


If you didn't see my previous kits, you may find them here:



These assets are free to use for anything you want--as long as it's used to support, benefit, or promote the Hive blockchain.


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