Turkish coffee☕

Hello beautiful people! Whats up? I hope you're good. I do not feel good. I'm afraid of getting infected, but I haven't been tested either because I'm afraid of being tested! I'm resting for now, hopefully quickly recuperating and returning to normal.

I am not a very coffee lover, I usually consume tea. But since the benefits of Turkish coffee are high, I try to consume it often. I want to tell you a little bit about that today. While I was preparing for myself.

(Someone wants my coffee to be partners😂)

Turkey towards bringing us the way to Yemen reached 1500 Turkish coffee governor. It entered the palace kitchen and quickly spread to society. Special days are offered by the Turkish community with sincere conversations as well as being healthy and enjoyable. It is still consumed because it is up to date, especially indispensable for those who lose weight! Turkish coffee speeds up the metabolism and helps to lose weight. It is also very important for intestinal health. It reduces stress and protects heart health.


For this reason, Turkish people are very fond of consuming this coffee, but I use it a little carefully, it sometimes makes me weak because my body is sensitive, it lowers my blood pressure. People with low blood pressure should consume carefully.

Stay with love!

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