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Hello beautiful people! How are you I hope you are fine .. People around me and a few of my friends I met here were asking me how I grow my hair and the treatments I do. But I do not care or dye my hair at all!

I always think that naturalness is what suits you best. For hair, I think this looks better for everyone, their natural color. I have never dyed my hair before, I do not think of a long dye dye.

I do care or dye for my hair, but from time to time I wash my hair with vinegared water in the shower. To purify and blow up, but the room is a situation I rarely do. I also use natural shampoo with garlic extract.


Apart from that, I did not do anything special to my hair or skin, for me, naturalness comes first! But I will write a very nice fast hair growth recipe for you, so it grows your hair. I strongly recommend you to try the vinegar. Be sure that it will make your hair shiny!

Warm simple, mix some apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl in the shower and pour it into your hair and get out of the shower!
You don't need to do extra wash rinse.

I wanted to write this brief information because it is very asked, I hope you apply it and stay satisfied with love!

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