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Our daily routine🐶🌲


Hello beautiful people! How are you doing? I hope you're good .. Since Pandemic process Turkey also stopped social activities. Restaurants are closed and we are generally at home. And on curfew days, we drink natural areas such as parks and forests to breathe air.



This beach park in our neighborhood has been the only socializing place for us recently. Ladyi loves this place very much and gets excited about it. We come to this park every day on a routine basis. When the weather is good, we also have a picnic.



He's a little sick today today, yesterday I caught him sneaking a cake! And that upset his stomach a little bit, fortunately, his morale regained when he came to the park. It was running and dancing, walking around the grass with a little barefoot and regulating my energy. It was a very tiring but peaceful day for both of us. Now a little bedtime for us, we love you. Stay with love!

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